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Although Mailjet's DevRel team is always up for a good chat, we like to do a fair amount of writing too! We publish a lot of insightful content about what's new at Mailjet and in our API but also about what we learn on the latest news & tech trends!


15TH September 2016

Introducing Mailjet’s Dedicated API Support

You know that feeling you get when you need to contact customer support? Now imagine being a developer. If we have a problem, it’s usually a complicated one that not just anyone can answer ...

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12th January 2017

How To Boost Transactional Email With Our Transactional Suite

Have you ever written a transactional email all by yourself? In my last job, I worked as a Front-End developer for a big company and one of my tasks was to deal with emails ...

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29Th February 2016

Get Personal With Your Contacts Using Mailjet’s Templating Language

Today is an exciting day at Mailjet, as we’re releasing a new major feature for developers: our very own templating language. While Passport for Transactional gives ...

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Do you speak MJML?

Email coding has been a pain point for ages and it’s something we’re setting out to redefine. That’s why we created MJML, a semantic markup language abstracting the complexity of responsive email coding. It is our way to give back to the community that has been helping us for years.

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