If you are a Mailjet 1.0 user, here's the documentation for you!

To check which version of Mailjet you are using, simply login to your Mailjet account, go to "SMTP and SEND API Settings" and look up the "SMTP server" field. If it displays "in.mailjet.com", you are a Mailjet 1.0 user.

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API integration

Leveraging the power of Mailjet's API is easy and fast. Mailjet was built entirely using our own API. It's fast, intuitive, RESTful and can be used with any language that supports http(s) requests. Check how simple it is to send an email with only one simple API call!

Use Mailjet API
# Add your sender and validate it with the email received
https://api.mailjet.com/v3/REST/sender \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"Name":"example", "Email": "ms.mailjet@example.com"}'

# Once validated, send your email from that address!
https://api.mailjet.com/v3/send/message \
-F from='Miss Mailjet <ms.mailjet@example.com>' \
-F to=mr.mailjet@example.com \
-F subject='Hello World!' \
-F text='Greetings from Mailjet.'

import requests
# Add your sender and validate it with the email received
payload_sender = {"Name":"example",

r = requests.post('https://api.mailjet.com/v3/REST/sender',
                  auth=('apiKey', 'secretKey'),

print r.text

 # Once validated, send your email from that address!
payload_send = {"from":"Miss Mailjet <ms.mailjet@example.com>",
           "subject":"Hello World!",
           "text":"Greetings from Mailjet."}

r = requests.post('https://api.mailjet.com/v3/send/message',
                  auth=('apiKey', 'secretKey'),

print r.text

It works with

+ 25 others applications Mailjet works with Wordpress Mailjet works with Joomla Mailjet works with Zapier Mailjet works with Dotclear Mailjet works with Magento

Code wrappers

What's better than being able to kick-start development without worrying about developing your own libraries? Use one of our official libraries to get started with Mailjet today!

Use Mailjet code wrappers

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